Brother Sister Love, Now Bring in Step Mommy Sex Story

#Abuse #Incest #Teen

By Jasmine Long

Who knew that by the time we were sixteen years old my twin brother Jason and I would have so much fun at our Step Mothers expense ?

Hi everyone , my name is Jasmine, I live with my twin brother Jason and our ” New Mother” Sherrie, who our Father married about six months ago, she was the fourth Mother in our lives. We had a real Mother for a couple of years, then the story goes she got mad at Father one night and tried to stab him and ended up in a mental hospital,where she passed away before we were old enough to know who she was .
After that a woman called Janice came in as our house keeper ,then married our Father , she put up with us and Dad until we were about nine years old, then one morning we got up to find no breakfast on the table and Father told us that Janice had left,which was a shame because I was really hungry. It was not long before Kathy came into our lives and into Dad’s bed. By the time we were fifteen she to to had disappeared after loading most of her personal belongings into a rental car she told us she was going to spend the weekend with her sister, but that was like six years ago so I guess she decided to stay and keep her sister company.

That little event led to the arrival of one Sherrie into our lives, we saw her some weekends before Father announced we had to have the day off school on Friday ,to go down to the Court House for the wedding of Dad and Sherrie .It was perfect timing because two months later our Father who was in the Army Reserves was assigned to travel overseas to the Middle East for a year.

I think my twin brother Jason had the hots for Sherrie right from the start, I was quiet indifferent, because to be honest everything I wanted to be as a woman she seemed to have ,big boobs, long legs a nice figure , tight butt , but neither Jason or myself really got very close to her, she seemed very aloof,and basically kept herself to her self .

Things suddenly changed a few weeks once Father had left , she started going out a lot to see” friends” which was fine by Jason and me because we used to do our homework together ,watch TV and then I would do oral sex on him and he would use my vibe on me, so by the time we had finished playing we both went to sleep very happy. I know Jason really wanted to fuck me real bad but we were both scared of me falling pregnant,which would mean us being separated and sent to different reform schools or even prison,and that would have been the end of our lives together. One evening after dinner Sherrie got ready to go out , she had a tight white tee shirt on and I noticed how Jason kept looking at her. After she left he wanted me to blow him ,but I told him to go fuck himself because it would be her he was thinking about not me and I went to my bedroom, listening to him laughing as I ran up the stairs.

For two days I ignored him every time he asked me for to suck his cock , then on the third day when we got home from school and Sherri was out I went and had my shower and when I came out Jason was hiding behind my open bedroom door, he jumped on me when I came in the room,pushed me on the bed and held me face down. Grabbing my wrists tight he put the handcuffs we had bought one time the Mall novelty store on my wrists. We were both laughing as he said ” now little sister ,I think you need a good thrashing , you need to know your place in this world,” He had put his plastic school ruler under my pillow while I was showering. He slid down between my legs and opened his knees against my thighs so my legs were so wide apart I couldn’t move. ” OK” he said , ” I think we need to remind you of a few things , now who owns you ” ?. I didn’t say anything , then suddenly swish ,swish swish he spanked my bottom hard with the ruler. ” YOU DO” I screamed,” YOU DO, YOU DO” . “Good” he said softly, ” so when I tell you to do something you do it is that clear.” I bit the pillow and said nothing he wasn’t going to win this argument that easily. Swish swish ,swish , I was screaming into the pillow and I could hear him saying ” do you understand “and I screamed” yes, yes,yes “, like a hundred times,and I was begging him not to spank me again. I could feel my tears on the pillow, I felt him getting out from between my legs and he rolled me over on to my back before he got back between my legs again and slowly moving his body forward until his mouth was on my special place , I felt his tongue on my clitoris, he was licking it and sucking it hard I swear on my life it was only four or five minutes before I was crying tears of joy as opposed to tears of pain when I started climaxing.

Jason slowly pulled away from my juicy pussy and moved up the bed on his knees which were each side of my chest . He started rubbing his big cock slowly up and down. He kept leaning forward and putting the big purple head of his cock against my mouth, before pulling it away before I had time to try and lift my head from the pillow to get it in my mouth .Jason half sat on my boobs and half knelt, I kept begging him to put his cock in my mouth but he told me “I didn’t deserve my masters sperm in my belly” Suddenly he started rubbing his cock hard,I thought he was playing around when he started making funny noises and suddenly a spurt of hot cum hit me in my eye forcing me to squeal followed by squirt after squirt of warm cum all over my face. “Open your mouth “he said ,” it is in my eye it stings I can’t open my eye ” I said laying there in pain from my handcuffed hands in my back as his cock went into my mouth to shut me up. Oh my God I loved my brother punishing me,I laid there in heavon as he climbed off me,and told me “he loved me”.

It was a week or so later that the summer vacation from school started , we kind of got to see what Sherrie our new step Mother did all day, it turn ed out to be very little, she even had a cleaning lady come in two days a week to do all the house work. After putting the sandwiches and a couple of Cokes on the dinning room table one lunchtime she said she had to ” go shopping “, jumped into Dad’s new truck and took off in a bit of a hurry down the driveway. ” Do you want to go to the pool” I asked Jason , he said ” I guess so ,come on lets go,take the food with us”

.We were cycling down Lee street and as we went past the The Woodlands Bar and Grill there was a red and black truck with a ball on the antenna just like Dads. I swung round rode down the slope and sure enough it was Dads truck. Jason and I looked at each other, ” well I guess we have found out where she goes shopping ” I said laughing. I said ” shall we go and see if she is in the restaurant “and Jason said sure she might buy us some proper food to take to the pool “.

We went to put our bikes in the old bike rack at the back of the building ,just as the door opened just and Sherrie came out into the sunshine, hand in hand with Uncle John, our Fathers Brother. We were pretty close to them but they could not see us because of a bunch of bushes in front of the bike rack which hid us from there view. Jason whispered to me ” fuck were idiots, look at the white car over there,it is uncle John’s look it has Solo Interior Designs plastered all over it.” Jason took out his phone and hiding behind the biggest bush started taking pictures of the two love birds, they were all over each other kissing and snuggling Uncle John was putting his hand up her tee shirt playing with her boobs as she lent against Dads truck. Uncle John looked at his watch and obviously said he had to go, so Sherrie reluctantly climbed into the truck and she was leaning out of the window kissing him before she drove away. We had both been taking pictures with our phones , even as Uncle John drove up the slope, then
Jason said “come on lets get out of here,lets go to the pool “.
We sat around the pool on our towels looking at the pictures we had taken, some were just bad, they had leaves in front of the lens but between us we had about a dozen pix that showed what Daddys wife and Daddy’s younger brother were up to. Hell I said to Jason, ” if Aunt Lizzie found out she would go crazy, she is having a baby next month, she would lose her mind if she knew what Uncle John was doing.” It was past 5 o’clock when we got home, Sherrie was out in the garden sitting under a sun umbrella with a bottle of wine . We went and said “hello to let her know we were back” then went to my bedroom closed the door put a chair against it and we sat putting the pix from our phones onto our laptops .

Sherrie called up that dinner was ” ready” and we went downstairs to eat. Jason took his laptop and after dinner and everything had been cleared away Sherrie announced ” that she was going to her friends for an hour or two “. She went upstairs to get changed and Jason called Aunt Lissie and said ” is Uncle John there ? ” ” No” she said, ” he had to go out to Northbrook to give someone an estimate for a job, he said he will be back in a couple of hours “. Jason handed the phone to me and I made sweet talk to Aunty Lizzie ,they had been trying to have a baby for a long long time so I was talking to her about baby clothes and things like that, and I really wanted to tell her what a fuck head she had as a husband but I didn’t. Sherrie came into the dinning room her hair still damp from her shower, she had a short skirt on,heels and a blouse that was open down the front and not leaving ,much to the imagination . Upon seeing us she tried to pull it together. “OK” she said ” I won’t be long,” but before she could say anything else Jason said , ” I am sending an e mail to Dad ,do you want to add a few words ” . I wanted to laugh you could see Sherrie just wanted to get out of the house but she said ” of course” ,so Jason turned the laptop towards her. She pulled the chair out to sit on but stopped , put her hands on the table before just staring at the picture of her on the screen .

Jason put his finger on the down button and scrolled slowly down the line of photos. Sherrie stood staring at Jason,she didn’t know what to say or do. She closed the lid of the laptop and sat down on the chair looking at her hands and not looking at us or saying anything to either of us. ” What do you want money ” she finally said softly .” ” You don’t have any” said Jason, ” the only money you have is Fathers pay check each month and that’s as much ours as it is yours “. Sherrie was playing with her wedding ring ,her hands were shaking in either anger or fear I could not tell which. ” So what do you want she said softly.” Jason smiled at her and said ” a look at those big old titties of yours would be nice, after all Uncle Johns been looking at them I am sure.” ” No ,no he hasn’t,your wrong” she said confidently” no he hasn’t what you saw today was only the first time we have had lunch together so your not as fucking clever as you think you are, ARE YOU ” she said almost starting to scream ?

Jason grabbed his phone and punched in some numbers, ” Hi aunt Lizzy” he said,. Sherrie jumped up waving her arms at Jason to stop as she started to unbutton the few buttons that were done up on her blouse, before she took it off and placed it over the back of the chair. She stopped and stood looking at Jason. who was still talking into the phone ” Ok” he said “it’s not important I was just going to ask him where he thinks the best place is to get a cheap car, I will talk to him sometime tomorrow” ,and he put the phone down put the phone down. Sherrie put her arms around behind her back and unhooked her bra ,allowing the straps to slide down her arms she took it off and put it on her blouse on the back of the chair.

She looked at me, I didn’t know what the look said ,maybe it said your a woman tell him not to stop humiliate me like this , or maybe it said you can’t be interested in seeing my titties, but I just smiled at her and said nothing. I was kind of surprised that for a woman in her mid 40’s she had quiet firm boobs.” How big are those puppies” said Jason, ” 36 B’s” she said softly. ” Well why don’t you make them 36b’s jiggle ” he said trying not to laugh ? ” How” said Sherrie, ” you know swing them from side to side, or jump up and down said Jason ” .” And if I do what do I get in return she asked him” .” I guess you get your one phone call , everyone gets one when there in trouble don’t they” he said laughing?
” I guess your call should be to Uncle John, you had better tell him to get home and look after his eight and a half month pregnant wife, because you can’t see him tonight, and while your doing that tell him his Bother suggests he goes to work real hard because he wants the 10 k back he gave him to start the company, so he can buy me and Jasmine a used car cheap for when we go to the local collage later this fall”
Sherrie stood there topless staring at Jason , ” Go in the front room and make the call “said Jason. Sherrie went to pick her bra and blouse up off the chair, Jason lent over and put his hand on the clothes and said ” you don’t need those, oh and by the way, if your coming back in here after the call leave your skirt and panties in the front room, keep the heels on and lets make the call a quick one shall we “? “And
if I don’t come back she said softly ? ” “Well that’s OK, said Jason, would you like me to say hello to Dad from you” ? She looked at Jason and said ” I don’t know why your doing this to me, but one day I am sure you will tell me” as she went into the front room to call Uncle John.
Part 2 to follow.

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By Jasmine Long
#Abuse #Incest #Teen