Britney Gets Grudge Fucked Sex Story

#Abuse #Rape #Virgin

By AlabamaSlamma

Britney breaks up with her boyfriend because she is a tease but he is going to make her pay.

Britney had just recently turned 17. Britney has always been a tease. She is the type of girl who wears sexy clothes and underwear that includes garter belts and hosiery along with sexy panties and bras. She would do little things that seemed like she was a slut but she never did anything sexual. She claimed that she was saving herself for her wedding night.

Not many guys wanted to date her because of her reputation as a no putting out tease. Even though she was absolutely stunning. She had long black hair and 34DD tits that stood high and proud. She was 5’2″ and weighs around 114 lbs. Ray on the other hand had a terrible fascination on Britney and she took advantage of this on several occasions.

She used Ray to get things she wanted and she teased him by making him believe that he had a chance of fucking her. He was a little self conscious about how he looked so much so that he didn’t realize that he could have easily done better than Britney.

He was 6’3″ and weighs around 210 lbs. He had a decent build but what really stood out about Ray was the fact that he was hung. When soft you couldn’t tell that he had a 9 inch cock when he was hard.

Soon Britney grew tired of Ray and wanted something different. She had dumped many guys over the years and they all just moved on to greener pastures. She told Ray that she had decided to end their relationship. She always had a pitiful excuse for her reason for breaking up.

Ray tried to apologize for whatever he had done and he tried to talk her out of it but it was useless as she had lost interest in using him. She walked away like she had many times before without a care in the world of how her actions affected the guys that she tossed away like trash.

Ray was furious and he immediately went back home. He couldn’t understand why she had done this. He had always been a gentleman and never tried to force her into sex. He never once tried to even touch her in a sexual manner. He respected her boundaries and the most he ever got was an occasional peck on the cheek.

The more that he thought about how good he had been to her. How he had taken her to expensive restaurants and movies and dancing. He had bought her jewelry and even some clothes that she wanted. How he had taken the insults from other guys who had teased him about Britney’s prude attitude.

The more he thought about it the worse his anger raged. Something snapped inside Ray and he decided that she had to pay. She was going to get her just rewards for everything she had done. Not only would she pay for her actions towards Ray but she was going to pay for her actions towards all the other guys who had suffered because of her.

Ray decided that he was going to get what he wanted from her however he could. He called her and convinced her that he had already purchased a gift for her and just wanted to give it to her tonight. She being the type of person who doesn’t care about anyone but herself agreed to meet up with him.

Ray stopped by her house to pick her up and made the excuse that he had left it in his other pants and he would just take her back to his place to get it. She agreed to go with him and he drove back home and pulled into the garage and immediately closed the door.

Britney asked him what he was doing and Ray immediately slapped her across her face. She was surprised by his aggressive behavior because he had never even raised his voice or hand to her. She was temporarily stunned and this allowed Ray to grab her hands and tie them behind her back.

She began to scream out but Ray stuffed a pair of his dirty underwear in her mouth causing her to be quite. She immediately tried to get away from him but he was way stronger than she was and he was very angry.

“Now you are going to learn what happens to teases like yourself bitch. You are going to pay for everything that you did not only to me but all of the other guys that suffered because of you!” Ray exclaimed as he pulled her over into the back seat of his car. He had a large car so he had plenty of room to do whatever he wanted to her.

Britney had a look of pure terror in her eyes as Ray began cutting her clothes off. Soon she was naked with the exception of her garter belt and hosiery. Ray took her legs and pushed them up against her chest spread open wide giving him complete access to both holes. She tried to scream out but it was muffled by his underwear which was being held in place by a piece of tape.

Ray looked down at Britney and said “I am going to fuck your slutty holes right here and right now! You are not going to be able to do anything about it so you can struggle all you want. It will just make it more interesting for me!” He growled as he stripped off his clothes.

Britney’s eyes went wide as she saw his massive cock sticking straight out. It throbbed angrily as he climbed up between her legs. He dropped a large glob of spit onto her virgin pussy and roughly pushed his thumb into her tiny opening to get her lubed.

She screamed out again from the pain of being forced open suddenly. Ray ignored her and continued to pry her open. He spit onto the head of his hard throbbing cock and placed it against her tight little pussy.

“Don’t think that I am going to be gentle bitch! I am going to rape you so hard that you are going to wish that you were never born!” He yelled.

He placed his hands on the back of her legs and drove balls deep into her tight little virgin hole. She screamed out in pain as his cock ripped through her hymen and slammed into her cervix with one thrust. Her pussy was on fire and the pain was immediate and excruciating. His cock was stretching her open like someone had shoved a baseball bat up her.

Ray grunted as he bottomed out in her tight little pussy. She was pinned up against the door and had no where to go as he began to rape her pussy without mercy. He drove his cock harder and deeper into her womb with every thrust. He was giving her a hate fuck of the century.

This was not your common rape. This was different as all of his sexual frustrations were being directed and unloaded onto her all at once. He continued to slap her face and call her names like slut, bitch, whore, cock tease and many other things.

Tears rolled down her face as she experienced the most intense pain that she had ever experienced. Her body shuddered from the intense pounding. Her legs and body were screaming from the pain of being folded in half. Her arms ached something terrible due to being crushed behind her.

Ray continued to hammer his cock into her battered pussy with the hatred of many men. She was going in and out of consciousness from the intense pain of being raped brutally. She soon felt his cock throb angrily as his cum flooded her womb. Even that was painful for her as her cervix had been pounded cruelly.

She groaned as he pulled out of her sore pussy thinking that maybe it was finally over but she was was wrong. Ray flipped her over onto her knees and pinned her head against the door with her ass in the air. She wasn’t sure what his plans were next until she felt his cock slide across her tight little asshole. She tried to buck him off of her body but she suddenly felt his hand slapping across her ass cheeks.

Her ass was on fire as he spanked her hard and fast. He had his hand pressed down on her neck as he continued to assault her ass cheeks with his other hand. He was swinging his arm from around the world and his big hand was leaving raised welts on her burning ass.

“I told you slut that I was going to rape both of your slutty holes and I meant it!” Ray exclaimed as he placed his cock against her spread open rosebud.

Ray drove his cum covered cock all the way to the base into her tight virgin asshole with one push. She screamed out in pain once again right before she passed out. She slowly started to regain consciousness and she immediately felt like her asshole was being ripped apart.

Ray was extremely violent as he continued to jackhammer her asshole all the while still slapping her ass and back. She had stopped screaming as her throat was raw. She just laid there and waited for Ray to finish. She began to wish that she had never even been born. She barely felt anything as her body had been disconnected from her brain.

Ray continued to hammer her ass until he flooded her bowels with another load of his cum. After he had finished cumming again he pulled out of her abused ass and left her in his car as he went to take a shower. She just laid there crying and sobbing. She was still naked and tied up.

She heard him returning to the car and he started driving back to her house. He pulled up into her driveway and got out and opened the back door. He untied her hands and removed the gag from her mouth. He grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her face to his.

“Listen to me bitch and you better listen to me good. If you breathe one word of what happened tonight to anyone, no cops, not your parents, not a single person. If you do I will come back and I will slit your throat after I cut you from your asshole to your cunt! Do you understand sweetheart?” He growled as he pressed a knife against her throat.

She nodded her head yes. “Please don’t hurt me anymore. I won’t tell anyone about it I promise!” She replied weakly.

“You better not. If you do I will cause you way more pain than you experienced tonight. That is a promise!” He exclaimed as he handed her a large towel and told her to get out of his car.

Britney slowly walked into her house and went to her room. She never told anyone about that night and she was never a tease to guys again.

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By AlabamaSlamma
#Abuse #Rape #Virgin