Blonde teen moves in… Sex Story

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By Anon

13 yr old blonde moves into the house behind me.

I’m a 16 year old boy and only child living in rural Indiana. We live in a housing addition but behind our house there is 10 acres and a trailer that gets rented out. The old neighbors moved last year and someone new just moved in. They were a redneck couple in their late 40’s but they were raising the niece and nephew of the woman because their mother was a drug addict. Sandy was 13 and had beautiful long blonde hair and a great body for her age. Her brother Tommy was 14 and kept to himself. Our backyard was very close to their trailer so my parents became friends with them pretty quickly and soon I was hanging out with Tommy and Sandy. Both kids didn’t have the best home life before this and were a little messed up each in their own way.

I was 16 so I was horny all the time. I had a girlfriend, but It didn’t stop me looking at Sandy when she was around. She would wear tank tops that were too loose with no bra a lot, and I would catch glimpses of her nipples. She had small breasts, but nice puffy nipples. I would also look up her shorts and could sometime see her pussy. Being 16, that was all it took for me to run home and jerk off!

One day Sandy came over to the house and knocked on my backdoor. I was home alone because it was summer and my parents worked during the day. She was bringing back a dish that mom let them use. She realized I was home alone and immediately started flirting with me. The thing with Sandy, she was very blunt and had not learned subtlety AT ALL! She said she saw me looking up her shorts a couple nights ago when I was watching a movie with them. She was laying on one end of the couch with her ass facing me and I could see her pussy very clearly and I was rock hard! I wondered how I got so lucky with that view, but apparently she was helping that out. She said it turned her on and made her wet. She asked if I wanted to see it again and maybe touch it. As much as I did, I had a girlfriend and I didn’t want to cheat so I kindly declined. She went home disappointed and I ran to my room and barely got my dick out before I exploded all over the place. I wanted to fuck her BAD but I was trying to be good. She was disappointed but seemed to quickly forget about and move on.

A couple weeks after this, I was hanging out with Tommy and their house and the aunt and uncle were going into town (30+ drive because we were rural) and asked for Tommy and Sandy to get in the car and talk to me later. I got up and headed back to the house but as I was leaving I heard Sandy say she didn’t feel well and asked to stay home. This was rural Indiana in the 80’s so leaving your 13 year old girl at home alone for 2+ hours was normal. So they did. I immediately started thinking of an excuse to go back over after they left. I went back and knocked on the door. Sandy opened the door and I told her I left my drink in Tommy’s room and asked if I could get it. She let me in to get it. She said she wasn’t sick, that she just likes having the house alone. In my mind I’m thinking, if she asks again, I’m doing it!! I was already hard.

She said the other day she stayed home alone and was looking through her uncles closet and found a couple VHS tapes of porn. She said one was all young girls that looked like her, having sex with an older guy. She said it turned her on and she couldn’t stop touching herself. The thought of her uncle fucking her like those girls really turned her on. She asked me if I wanted to watch one. I gave in… I was so horny and I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew if we watched it we would end up fucking. She popped it in and to my surprise the girls were her age and that was illegal, but I didn’t care, it wasn’t mine. Apparently the uncle loved young girls and was probably checking her out all the time.

She says she popped her cherry masturbating awhile ago, but had never been touched by anyone else. She said since I had seen her poo hoo as she called it, I should show her my dick. I was glad to hear it because I was so hard it was hurting and I needed to free my cock. I slowly took it out and stroked it and she instantly started rubbing her pussy. I said “So, you’ve never been touched by anyone ever?” and she said “Nope! will you touch me down there so Ill know what it feels like?” I was living a fantasy here and could barely think or speak.. I muttered “yes, take those shorts off!” She was on the couch and I was sitting on the floor. I started kissing her thighs and she was squirming and I could see she was soaking wet. I was teasing her by kissing around her pussy but never touching it. She was moaning and said “Please kiss my poo hoo!!” Without hesitation, I put my warm wet mouth directly on her clit and swirled my tongue around. She let out a loud moan and said “OMG it feels so good!!” Her hips were bucking up and down as she was grinding her pussy in my face. I slowed down so she wouldn’t cum because she was very close and I wanted my dick inside her when she did! I put a finger inside her and she immediately said “Put your dick in me!!” I knew I wasn’t going to last long in that tight virgin pussy but god I needed it NOW! I slid my dick head around her clit and slowly stuck the tip in.. she was so tight! I slid in all the way! She gasped and said “I didn’t know it would feel this good!!” I I had maybe 30 seconds so I started slowly siding in and out and within seconds she said “Im going to cum!!” and right then her virgin pussy tightened around my cock and I could barely slide it in and out she contracted so hard! I exploded inside of her with hardest orgasm of my life as did she!

She told me later she eventually caught her uncle looking at her when she was showering. He didn’t know that she knew, but she saw him in the mirror and it turned her on. It was just the two of them in the house so she knew he would probably go to his bedroom and jerk off after the show she gave him, so when she got out she went to her room on the other side of the house for a few minutes and then snuck back to his bedroom and spied on him. He was on the bed stroking his cock thinking about what he just saw. She walked in and startled him and he tried to make excuses as to what he was doing but she said “I saw you watching me shower and if you want to fuck me you can!” She said he stammered for a bit and was trying to say it was a bad idea! She just walked over , sit on the bed and spread her legs so he could see her teen pussy! Just like me, he couldn’t resist and buried his cock inside her! I wish I could have watched that!!

Not long after they moved out of state and I never heard from them again.. probably for the best because that girl is going to be trouble!

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By Anon
#Teen #Virgin