Becoming a Slave Sex Story

#Abuse #Incest #PreTeen

By Aadara

After loosing my virginity, I was about to start a new life with my Sir.

After that night, everything changed in my life. I was Born again a new Me.

On the very next morning, I was woken up by my Sir, kissing and sucking my already bruised nipples, and squishing my bum.I was confused how to react and on other hand I was wet down there, even after the rough fuck all night. I tried to be calm but my moan left my bruised lips, suddenly Sir said “ohh look at you you are awake a nd excited again! You are such a horny little girl. Let’s start the day. We had lot to do and plan today!”
And with that, he released my hand from the rope attached from the bedpost, and took me to his bathroom, and removed the pussy and anal plug and I released myself, with all the cum dumped inside me all night long. With my disbelief he shoved his mangun in my mouth and started to fuck my throat, I started to cry heavily, but he didn’t care,and fucked me and forced his juice down my throat.

After that, he ordered me in deep voice that I only heard when he was on his business calls, which shook me, to take a bath, and freshen up and meet him at the breakfast, and he left.

It was a relief, I looked at the mirror and was shooked, I had so many bruises, clear print of Sir’s 3 fingers on my left cheek and neck with a swollen upper lip, bruised wrist, budding breast with swollen nipples and some bruises on them, and some more here and there with a sore red pussy and butthole.

Tears ran down my cheek, I was crying hard but silently, I used to do that a lot before that day. Whenever I was upset with my life.

But staring at the mirror while crying I started to feel strange, as I touched my bruised neck, cheek, wrist and nipple I can say I was getting wet in my red sore abused pussy, confused I took my brush and jumped on the shower.

The hot water felt so good,which my pussy leak, I took a good long shower, cleaning every fold of the body as possible, shampoo my messy hair, cleaning my mouth to get rid of the cum taste. Which tastes familiar yet funny.

After getting out of the shower I feel fresh, and went to my room to get ready but to my surprised my closest and dresser was empty, the room felt empty, there were no pictures, no fish bowl, no curtains even my study table and school supplies were missing too.I was blank, what’s going on.

Suddenly the door to the hallway opened, it was Him. Standing there with a smile on his lip,
“hey poppy” (my nick name),”don’t worry I moved them, you are growing up you need better things and room than this. Come let me change you to something else look ur wetting the floor”.

I was standing in the towel, he took it off and dressed me in a white tight top which was just covering my nipples and a black mini skirt early reaching my bum, without any panty . While he was dressing me, he brushed his hand on the bruised and said ” how beautiful you look” and took my hand in his palm and led me to the dinning hall.

At breakfast table, we had full English breakfast and which I love a lot, we have it in silent, then the butler, served me my milkshake, which I had a love hate relationship, it’s always different from DQ, but when sip today I was surprised, and looked at Sir, sitting just opposite of the long table,He was enjoying his Orange juice with a smile on his face.

It tastes like his cum, but a bit light in taste,that’s why I felt familiar. Sir in deep voice said “finish your shake,not a single drop will be left and meet me at my basement study”.

Another new surprise, I was never allowed to his basement study, but now he invited me there. I quickly finished my shake and went to the basement, it was like entertaining a new land, dark, cold, silent and smell like ocean. It was totally different than the whole 2story house. I ran to the big entrance door it opened automatically, I can’t wait to explore it. And the door shut heavily behind me, it was dark with blue floor lights, there were 4 doors one after another, as I approached the first, it opened and I heard the familiar deep voice of my Sir “come to me, Poppy don’t be afraid”.

I quickly went inside and it shut, there was a small hall way with 2 doors next to the other and after few more steps there was his study and he was sitting on his chair against the large table behind him was a giant tv and it has cctv camera view of the entire property including Evey room and bathroom. I was red with embarrassment as he had watching me the entire time. He helped me sit on the opposite chair, and he settled himself on the huge black table and spoke in . “Hey beautiful , look at me” and lift my chin, “are you scared of me?” I said timidly a little. “don’t be, I love you so much. Didn’t I show you yesterday. You are growing up now so you need to be use to this, grown up girls had to do more. It’s only getting started.” lifting me up from the chair and putting me up to his lap, I was so aroused, I immediately got wet. His huge chest was so firm, standing 6ft tall, blue eyes, brown hair he hug me and I can hear his heart beat.i always had a crush on Sir(He was my Biological father’s cousin brother so he was my uncle) … .

He calminly said” if your hurt, I am very sorry, and if you don’t want to do this again, I will never do it, you can say it now. I will get you admission to another boarding school, as you are already expled,and will never touch you.”

“But if you said yes now, there will be no going back so R U Ready To Continue This Life??”

Before I can say anything my pussy got him the answer, it leak like I peed on him. It was so embarrassing, he laughed and let me sit on his cold black table…
“so I guess the answer is a Yes!” I smiled and nodded yes and kissed him on his lips, he lift me in his arms and kissed hard on my swollen lips, and I was dripping all through my legs…..

He felt it and rest me on the table and spread my legs, I was resisting but he slowly opened it and kneeled down and started licking my legs and came upward to my pussy, he now started to eat it, like a cake, ohh i have closed my eyes and was moaning little, I was trying to push him away with my hand as I had a urge to pee, but he moved them side and command in his deep voice to not move them, I followed him and can’t believe I peed in his mouth, it felt so relaxing yet embarrassing, I was red. And closed my eyes.

He got up and kissed me on my lips, and Said “don’t me embarrassed it’s not your pee it’s your cum, like you drank mine yesterday and this morning and but also your shake and in your dessert everyday since you arrived.”

I was was stunned, I said that’s why the shake always felt different. He smiled and said” it’s now your turn Poppy” and put me on the floor and undress me “look at you so beautiful” kneel he ordered i did and he freed his 9 inch long cock and I opened my mouth, and started to suck on it, he slowly started to fuck my mouth and fold my left breast, and hold my head with his other hand, it went a while the he took out his cock and tel me to breathe deep before he shoved his long cock in my throat and started to fuck it harder, due to my low gag reflex it was easy to throat fuck me easily, it was so good

And after like 15 mins he dump his cum with a morn and I swallowed it last drop. He was so happy with me, and I was proud of it. “You are so good at 10year with out any training, ur are so natural in this”

Suddenly the phone rang and he picked it up, he talked to someone and then on the cctv I can see a car entered to the back gate and enter to the basement garage.

He put the phone down and said, “the doctor is here let’s go, oh before that” he get a small box from his table and open it, it was a golden chain with to handcuffs around the word ‘SLAVE’ and Put it around my neck.
“do u like it??”
It was beautiful I said. “now everyone will know ur a slave,”

And took my hand and we left to see the doctor….

Continue in part 2

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By Aadara
#Abuse #Incest #PreTeen