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#Abuse #BDSM #Gay #Rape


Rape, more rape and then there is rape as well, not for the faint hearted

I came back from my tour and like so many just did not fit in, I got my Grandparents house when I got out, my parents kept it while i was away, they had died while I was overseas, Gran was first to go old age and then Grandpa from a broken heart, they had been together for over 70 years, school age sweethearts

It was a 4 bedroom house with one indoor bathroom, it was a 1900s home, I loved it as a child, it at the time sat on 160 acres of land, it had a big barn and chicken coop and other small buildings,as the other farms sold up and developers came in and made the subdivisions out of them, they kept it as is, once I got home I tried to keep it as one but taxes and not being able to keep work caused me to sell off 100 acres, that set me up money wise, I turned the Barn into my shop and took down the rest of the out building.

as time passed the nightmare continued, most nights I was out on patrol, I started to dig holes at night as well if not on patrol, I dug down in the barn floor, I went down 10 ft then hit clay, dug through and found hard pack the hard pack was another 20ft deep,

it took me 5 years to dig my tunnels from the shop to house basement to outposts, I would purchase lumber from other towns so no one knew or asked questions, those who did got the standard answer building a deck, and everyone I told that too had a shit load of suggestions I did not need or want,

I would nap during day light at times in the underground, I had traps of razor wire, punji sticks pits, spring loaded traps to hit one in the face in the knees, in the crotch and chest, I learned many things and many uses for bamboo,

all was going as good as it could till one night, a group of town kids came out my area and seemed to be up to no good, some of them tried to break into my shop, I grabbed one of the bastards red handed with one of my tool kits, he dropped it and ran, that was till I pushed him into a tree face first,

I called the cops and they took my info and took the kid away, he yelled all sorts of shit at me and told the cops to fuck off and on it went,

next day the cops told me his parents got him know, and I would have to go to court over this, the cop said, the kid will get a slap on the wrist but that the parents may come after me for their kid getting hurt on my place,

I hung up the phone as I was so mad, I did not sleep for three days I was fuming,

a week later guess who came back for more, the kid and some of his friends, this time they all got into the shop and started to trash the place, one by one as they left my shop I took them down, I had 4 tied gagged and waiting, I told each one if they made a fucking noise I would kill them in front of their loved ones,

finally the one who I grabbed the first time came out, he stopped dead as he seen me, he yells out to the others, jim, bob, tony, dave, no answers, he stands defiant, you touch me and I will sue your ass off, I close the distance between us in seconds, he can see into my eyes, he can see nothing in them, I grab him by the throat and lift him off the ground,

I walk him back into the messed up shop, I walk over to a wall and pin him too it, i press my body to his, I feel the little bitch shake, I turn his head so his ear is to my lips and tell him, you and your friends are going to die, I am going to fuck the life out of you all, I am going to make you watch as I do them one at a time,

tears are running down his face, he goes we will clean this up and never come back, I growl at him and tell him he should have never come here to begin with, he said I wish we had not come here

I throw him on the floor at my feet, I grab him by his brown hair and yank him over hidden door in the wall, I tell him get down in the hole in the floor, he protests, without any warning I back hand him hard across the face and out he goes and falls down the hole

I drag him into the maze of tunnels, I leave him in an opening and leave for up stairs, once im out I kill the lights, you cannot see your hand in front of your face, there is no light what so ever,

top side I take each of his friends down to the opening, each time I come a different way with a light on, I told them all once all there any try and leave that area will be killed

I leave lights out, up top I find the car they came in and bring it into the shop, and open up another hidden door and put the car inside it, I remove the cars battery and put the pos and neg together to discharge and other batteries that maybe in radiosa and alike

I go into the tunnels and make my way to the clearing, I hear them talking, one telling the others there is no way he can take us all on at one know that they are free from the bonds, I smile to myself

I slip in and take one from behind, he yelps but no other noise come out from him, I have him by his voice box and I am squeezing it hard, I tell him take off all your clothes and put them in my other hand, he does as told, he is naked and I let him go and leave,

He yelps and with a croaky voice tell them he has my cloths, they all feel around and find their friend on the floor naked,

I grab another one and pull him out of the room and he screamed when I grabbed him, I pin him to the wall hand over mouth, I tell him clothes, he does it, I take him to the entrance of the room and push him into it, he goes flying in and trips over someone and falls face first into the floor with a sickening thud

I do this to each of them even though they are all seated together, so they are all naked in a room they cant see and one by one they have been forced to strip naked, one goes what is he going to do to us next, one of the others tells him to shut the fuck up,

the one that asked what is next is the one I grab by his hair and yank him to his feet, i pull him with me to another wall I tie him to said wall, facing the wall, I jam a pair of used underwear into his mouth to shut up his screaming like a little girl, I repeat all this work three more times, I turn on a light, they all moan from the brightness of a 20watt bulb

the one not tied to the wall is the trouble maker, one of his friends called him jim, I made jim walk up behind one of the boys and spread the boys check and told him to lick the boys asshole, jim tears pouring down his face begged me to not make him,

I said ok then grabbed jim by the hair and took my 10 inch cock and rammed the boy into his asshole, I could hear and feel his asshole tear wide open, the boy screamed and fainted, I told jim to watch, he did not open his eyes after the first push up the boys ass,

I slapped Jim four times in a row, never open them, I pulled out of the boy my cock covered in shit and blood, I dragged jim over to a shelf on the wall, I took bamboo slivers and pulled jims eye lids open one at a time and shoved the bamboo into his eye socket so he could not closes them

I pulled jim back to the boys ass I tore open, I told jim to lick the boys asshole, jim still did not do it, I took my rock hard cock and shoved it back into the boy, he screamed awake and then out again from the pain , I made jim watch as I raped that boy, my crotch was covered in the boys shit and his blood, the boy came too and number of times but would pass out almost right away

I fucked him till he stopped moving at all, I pulled out and asked jim whos next, jims tried to just look at the floor, I told him he had to pick who was next to get his tongue up their ass or my cock

jim tired not to look at anyone but he did and I made him go to the boy to save the boys life, jim with his eye pinned open had to look as he tongued his friends asshole, I made sure he licked that asshole good, I told him push it into his asshole, as jim kept licking him the boy could not help it and moaned

I pulled jim back and pushed my cock up the boys asshole, I was slow but pushed it in as well, I could feel his young tight asshole being forced open, fuck he was tight, I felt my cock slipping into him 1/2 inch at a time, he would squeeze and then let go repeatedly, I had a time to keep from dumping my load deep in his ass, I had two more ass to fuck yet

once I was balls deep into him and started to fuck him hard, pounded his ass, told him his ass will never close again, he grunted on each deep ramming thrust, I fucked him as hard as I wanted and I made it hurt as well but the boy seemed to like it that was

the boy started to shoot his load onto the wall, I told him he was a faggot little sissy, he moaned at my words, I yanked my cock out of his ass and told jim, NEXT

I made jim pick the next you and this time after licking his asshole, jim had to suck the slut as I fucked it, I fucked it hard as I could as well, I tore open its asshole and this made a big mess with blood everywhere, it acted as a lube at first but got sticky as it dried up, the slut screamed the whole time, never shut up once, made me put a hate fuck into the boy

the more slut screamed the harder and deeper I pushed into her, he begged at first to stop, no please no it hurts so much, by the end slut we breathing very ragged, then fell into its restraint, he hung there did not move,

I pulled out, jim still sucked on the boys cock, the boys bowles let go and it all came out, jim got a mouth full of pee and cum, I told him he had to eat it all up, jim swallowed and throw up, and I told him to eat it all up no matter how many times it came back up, after the 4th time jim kept it all down

the last boy had pissed and shit himself, I made jim use his mouth and clean it all up, and again he throw up and number of times, and each time he did he cleaned it up,

I took the last boy down off the wall and tied him up so his legs are behind his shoulder, I made jim lick him clean and then I pushed my cock into him, fuck just like the others tight all the way in and out for a good 15 min, as his bleed made it easier at first but over time made it harder to push in and out of him, I made jim lick his asshole as I fucked it not as deep till there was enough lube and I pounded his asshole, the boy had screamed at first but he soon grunted and groaned

I fucked him for a number of long and deep strokes, pulling all the way out and then ramming balls deep into him,

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#Abuse #BDSM #Gay #Rape