An immigrant “on the game” Part 1 Sex Story


By Jimmy’sWilly

Working on y back and my knees to make a living in a new country

I first moved to England in 2014 when Romanians were first allowed into the UK visa-free. After the Brexit vote I secured leave to remain, like millions of other Europeans. So I’m “legal” (up to a point.) This is part of my story

As well as my christened Romanian name, I have two others. One is an anglicised version – Christina, used for taxpaying jobs. The other is when I’m working on my back or my knees – Dani.


Born towards the back end of the last century, I graduated from High School with good enough grades to do a teaching diploma with English as my major. That first year was great. The freedoms of an adult – including getting know both girls and boys. One of them knocked me up, so I had to leave when it became obvious. With no money, I had to live with my widowed mother and rely on her charity. After my daughter was born – English name Patricia – I couldn’t get better than menial jobs. Very few protections, bad money. I knew I had to go somewhere to build a better future. With no resources, I was told by a girl I knew at school – who seemed to be doing quite well – that her boss might lend me money. But the price to be paid was not one I might be willing to pay. What did I have to lose?

So I arranged to see him. He was quiet, business like, with a certain male charm. He said he might be willing to help. But I’d have to do things for him. I had a shrewd guess what he meant by that – especially when he opened his fly. I’d had a number of cocks in my mouth before, so my guess wasn’t far wrong. He wanted to fuck me.

I looked at his semi erect cock and said “I see the interest you take. We need to discuss the deal before I take up that offer. Is that all, or are there other catches waiting for the unwary? You know I’m a mother.” This was a reminder to him that I’d had a man’s cock in me before and I wasn’t going to faint over his.

“How much do you want? Why? And how quickly are you going to repay me?”

“I think I need 25,000 Leu to buy a plane ticket to London and live for a few days while I get a job. I don’t know how much you can earn there but it must be more than here.”

“Hmm… know the easiest and quickest way to earn money is on your back?”


“Are you willing to do that?” he asked


“I think I need some proof.”

“You mean you want to fuck me?”

“Yes, and more, “ he confirmed.

“What do you have in mind?”

“You also have to show me you can earn money even if you can’t get an official job. And you need to pay off some before I give you the rest. And there will be interest to pay.”

“Alright. Explain to me more,” I said.

“I will fuck you and get blow jobs whenever I want them. That’s to keep me interested in the deal. Then you have to reduce the amount owed by 10,000 Leu. You will work in one of my establishments and fuck 100 men at 200 Leu a time. I take half, you take half. That will give you the 10,000. I will then give you the 15,000. You will pay me back 30,000 Leu in English pounds as soon as you can.”

“Double. That’s a lot”

“It’s a big risk for me. And you should try to pay it off as quickly as possible. Because if you don’t, whatever is not paid off by the end of the year will double on New Year’s Day”

“That sounds very hard.”

“It all depends on you. And while I have no security, I do know where your parents live.”

“Can I think about it?”

“Three days. As a show of good faith, you will have sex with me each day. Start by taking my cock in your mouth. He’s been waiting too long for it already.”

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By Jimmy’sWilly