A Weekend With My SIL Part 2 Sex Story

#Incest #Lesbian #Threesome

By AlabamaSlamma

Things get very interesting after the weekend with my wife’s younger sister.

After Yindee returned from visiting Thailand, Vasia and I had to play it cool as I didn’t want my wife to suspect anything. Things were going pretty normal for the first few days. One night Yindee and I were going at it like rabbits in the bedroom. Yindee was on top riding my cock as I played with her tits.

“So how did you enjoy fucking my sister last weekend?” She asked looking down at me.

I stopped moving and just laid there staring at her with my mouth open. My mind began racing with all sorts of questions. “How the fuck does she know? Did she have someone spying on me? Is she going to leave me? Is she going to kill me?”

My cock began to deflate but she just kept on riding my cock with a smile on her face.

“What’s wrong? Vasia’s pussy got your tongue?” She asked with that smile.

“Yindee I.. I.. I’m not sure what to say! I.. I didn’t mean for it to happen!” I stammered as I tried to process what was happening and why she was smiling.

“OH I know that you didn’t mean for it to happen. I know exactly what happened. I am the one who set it up to happen!” She replied with a wicked smile.

Now I was completely blown away. I just couldn’t comprehend what she just said. “She set it up? Why would she set me up?

She leaned over and kissed me deeply and passionately. She looked into my eyes and said “Greg darling I love you dearly and I hope that you don’t get upset with me but I wanted you to fuck Vasia like you fuck me. She has been extremely horny lately and she has heard us many times!”

“But why not just tell me? Why set me up like that?” I asked.

“Tell me the truth, it was way more exciting and naughty this way than if you knew that I wanted it?” She asked looking at me with desire and passion.

“So you are not upset about me cheating on you with your sister behind your back?” I asked stunned.

“Baby you didn’t cheat on me behind my back because I knew all about it and I helped set it up remember?” She laughed.

She sat back up and began to grind her hot wet tight little pussy down onto my cock as she squeezed me with her pussy muscles.

“Vasia would you like to join us?” She moaned out loud.

I heard the bedroom door open and Vasia came into the room naked and climbed up onto the bed and straddled my face, facing Yindee. She immediately dropped her soaking wet pussy right onto my mouth as she leaned over and kissed her sister deeply and passionately.

I wrapped my arms around Vasia’s legs to lock her in place as I began to devour her sweet little bald pussy like a starving animal. My cock was instantly hard as a rock and Yindee returned to slamming her soaking wet pussy down onto it.

I could not have imagined that I would be fucking these two gorgeous women especially together. Hearing them kissing and moaning as one rode my cock and the other rode my face.

“OH GOD YES EAT MY PUSSY DADDY! Vasia screamed as her orgasm racked her body.

“YES DADDY EAT HER SWEET LITTLE BALD PUSSY GOOD!” Yindee screamed out as she orgasmed all over my cock.

I was slurping up her nectar like it was life giving water. Suddenly I heard Yindee say “switch!”

Vasia lifted her pussy off my face as Yindee lifted her pussy off my hard throbbing cock. They quickly swapped places and they both dropped their pussies down onto me again. Yindee was now riding my face and Vasia was bouncing on my cock.

I could taste myself as I devoured Yindee’s wet pussy. Vasia was squeezing my cock with her tight little pussy. They continued to kiss each other and played with each other’s tits. I had a death grip on Yindee as she ground her pussy against my mouth.

Soon I announced that I was about to cum and they both stood up and dropped down onto their knees facing me side by side with their mouths open and tongues sticking out.

I immediately stood up and walked over to them and stroked my cock until I started spraying their faces with my cum. They were both giggling and catching as much cum as they could in their mouths. After all of my load had been deposited onto their faces they turned towards each other and cleaned up the remaining cum from each other’s face. They then kissed deeply swapping it back and forth.

I just stood there watching these two women turn into cumsluts. Afterwards we all took a shower and decided to eat some food. We didn’t bother with putting clothes on so we were naked the entire time.

“Were you surprised to find out that your wife set you up to fuck her little sister?” Vasia asked as we sat eating.

“Well I guess I was curious as to why you suddenly went from an innocent teenager to a little slut!” I said with a smile.

Vasia playfully slapped my arm and said “I’m not a slut. Well I guess I am for you but no one else!”

Yindee laughed and said “Looks like you now have two sluts to fuck whenever and however you want!”

“You won’t hear me complain about that!” I replied as I placed my hands between each of their legs and cupped their bald little pussies.

They both groaned as I slipped a finger into each of their tight little holes.

“Easy tiger, we have to finish eating and clean up the kitchen before we continue playing.” Yindee said as she pushed my hand away.

We finished eating and they both cleaned up the kitchen as I sat on the couch and watched TV. After they had finished cleaning up everything they came into the living room and both sat down beside me. One on each side of me and they both reached down and grabbed my cock and started stroking it.

It soon stood at attention and they both scurried onto the floor between my legs as they both began to kiss, lick, nibble and suck on every part of my hard throbbing cock. Watching these two gorgeous women worshiping my cock and balls with pure lust and desire in their eyes was amazing.

They both took turns throating my cock. As one swallowed it down the other bathed my balls with her tongue. They would stop sucking and kiss each other deeply as the stroked my cock and massaged my balls.

I was thinking about just how lucky I am to have these two women together. They both stood up and took my hands and pulled me towards the bedroom. Yindee laid down on her back and Vasia climbed onto her body facing her as they both enjoyed kissing each other with their pussies lined up on top of each other.

I climbed between their legs and began to devour Yindee’s pussy for a few minutes before lifting my head and devouring Vasia’s pussy. I would eat one for a while and swap to the other one. They were both moaning and whimpering as each one ground her pussy against my mouth as I sucked hard on their pussies.

After a while of eating I climbed up onto my knees and pushed my hard throbbing cock into the soaking wet pussy of Yindee. I pounded her pussy for a bit and then I slammed into Vasia’s pussy and pounded her pussy.

Just like I had done while eating them I swapped back and forth between the two as I hammered their tight little pussies. They continued to moan and gasp as they kissed each other deeply and passionately.

I pulled out of them and had Yindee get in front of Vasia on her hands and knees while I got behind Vasia. Vasia buried her face between Yindee’s legs from behind as she devoured her sister and I slowly pushed my slimy cock into Vasia’s asshole. She grunted as I sank balls deep inside her hot tunnel.

I was driving Vasia’s face into Yindee’s pussy as I pounded her ass. After a while I had them swap so that I could fuck Yindee’s ass as she ate Vasia’s pussy from behind. We swapped back and forth a few times before I dumped my load into Yindee’s ass. I collapsed onto the bed and laid there as both girls cleaned up my cock and balls with their mouths and tongues.

They then went into a 69 and cleaned up each other as they both enjoyed playing together. After they had made each other cum a couple of times they climbed up beside me and snuggled with me and we fell into a deep sleep.

I was thinking as I dozed off if Yindee’s other sister would come to visit?

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By AlabamaSlamma
#Incest #Lesbian #Threesome