A Mother Can’t Help Herself Part 2 Sex Story

#Incest #Pregnancy #Teen

By AlabamaSlamma

Tina and Rick continue their incestuous affair as his baby grows in her womb.

After Rick had filled Tina’s pussy with his incestuous seed and impregnated her, he pulled his somewhat deflated cock from her quaking pussy and sat down on the bed watching his cum flow out of her pussy.

Tina stayed in that position for a few more minutes and then she jumped up and pushed Rick back onto the bed and took her hands and wrapped them around his shaft as best she could. She began to lick up and down the shaft cleaning off her grool mixed with his cum.

Rick watched his mother cleaning his cock. She moaned as she worked her mouth over the massive head and pushed as much as possible into her mouth until she gagged as it bumped her throat. Pulling off and gasping as she felt his cock begin to harden again.

She pushed her mouth down onto his cock until it reached her throat. She began to swallow as she tried to break her throat barrier with the biggest cock of her life. She choked as she felt his head pop into her throat. She struggled to accommodate the large purple head as her throat spasmed painfully.

She again pulled off his cock and coughed and gasped loudly.

“Mommy are you OK? Are you sick? Are you trying to hurt yourself?” Rick asked her with a concerned look on his face.

He didn’t understand why she was choking and coughing. He had never experienced a blowjob so he wasn’t sure what his mother was trying to do.

“No baby Mommy isn’t sick or trying to hurt herself. Mommy loves you and your beautiful cock and I want to make you feel good. What I am trying to do is give you a blowjob and sometimes it requires me to take it down my throat. But Mommy has to work at it because you have such a big cock that I have to stretch my throat so you can fit!” She replied as she pushed herself down onto his cock until he entered her throat once again

She closed her eyes tightly, squeezed his shaft and drove her head down. She felt his cock stretch her throat as he slid deeper into her spasmodic throat.
She struggled to hold herself down using her will to make it happen.

She pulled off and a pool of drool ran down his shaft and dripped off her chin onto her tits. She gasped loudly taking in fresh air as she slowly stroked his cock.

“Baby Mommy is going to take her mouth and push it down onto your cock again but this time I want you to grab the back of my head and push it down as far as you can. Do you understand sweetheart?” She asked looking determined to get it all into her mouth.

“Yes Mommy I understand!” He said as he leaned up against the headboard so that he could reach her head.

She took a deep breath and drove her mouth as far down on his cock as she could. She got about half of it in and Rick grabbed her head and pushed down. She moaned as she felt herself being forced open suddenly. Her first instinct was to fight against him but she was determined to get it all down her throat.

Suddenly she realized that her nose was buried in his pubic hair and she wanted to scream out in triumph but Rick had other ideas. He grabbed a double handful of her hair and began to pump his cock in and out of her throat.

She went to try to push off of him but he was way too strong for that. She began to panic as she felt herself getting close to passing out. Rick was beyond caring at this point. He had been told to push her down onto his cock and that’s exactly what he was doing.

He thought that her slapping his legs was part of the blowjob so he just continued to stroke his cock into her throat. She tried to scream out but it was just too much in her mouth and throat. Soon she started to go in and out of consciousness from the lack of oxygen.

Suddenly she realized that her head was not being held and she snapped her head back as she gulped in large quantities of air. She struggled to get her bearings back as she whimpered and moaned.

She looked at Rick and wanted to scream at him for doing that but she saw the blissfulness on his face and realized that he didn’t know any better. She had only told him to push her head down and nothing else.

“Baby from now on when Mommy slaps on your legs let Mommy get some air okay?” She whimpered.

“Okay Mommy I will!” Rick replied.

“Good boy, now Mommy is going to teach you how to fuck her in the ass. Mommy is going to ride on top so that I can do all the work!” She moaned as she pulled Rick to the edge of the bed.

She stood in front of him and reached down to spread his legs as she stepped between them. His cock was hard and throbbing coated in her saliva but she didn’t take any chances and took a tube of lube and coated his cock from head to base.

She also applied a generous amount to her asshole. She turned around so that her back faced Rick and she reached down between her legs and grabbed his hard cock. She eased her ass down until the head was pressed firmly against her tight little rosebud.

Rick watched his mother’s big ass slowly work its way down onto his cock until he felt the head pop into her tunnel. He groaned deeply as he felt her furnace of an ass squeezing his cock tighter than anything he could imagine.

It was so hot that it was almost painful but it was just too pleasurable to pull out. She squealed with delight as she felt his cock stretch her open and slid into her depths. Just like she had slowly bounced up and down on his cock driving it into her pussy, she replayed the same tune with driving it into her hot tight ass.

Rick had laid back and closed his eyes as he experienced the most intense feelings of his young life. He couldn’t believe what he had done with his mother so far, or more like what she had done to him. He had overheard some of the boys at school talking about sexual things but he had never seen anything to explain what they were talking about.

Now he was experiencing everything possible with his mother. She finally settled down onto his legs as she hissed out loud when she had finished working his entire length inside of her tight ass.

“HOLY FUCKING MOTHER OF GOD! WHAT A PERFECT COCK FOR MOMMY! GOD BABY YOU ARE SO FUCKING BIG!” She screamed as her body shuddered uncontrollably.

She was having an orgasm from just having her ass invaded by his massive fuck meat. She had never experienced an orgasm from anal even though she highly enjoyed it.

Rick was in heaven and his cock throbbed angrily inside her milking ass. He felt her hand massage his large balls as she began to work her ass up and down the shaft. She felt every ripple and vein of his cock inside her ass.

She could only manage to pull about half of his cock out of her before she ran out of legs to get any higher. She would get as high as she could and then just drop her ass down driving him balls deep into her bowels.

Soon she was filling the room with the sounds of her ass cheeks slapping his thighs. Her moans and gasps were drowning out Rick’s grunts. She had both of her hands gripping her tits as she pulled and twisted her nipples.

Her body shuddered from the intense orgasms and pleasure that radiated through her body. Rick was beyond himself from the intense feelings that were coursing through his hard throbbing cock and his young body. Suddenly it was like a light switch being flipped inside his brain.

Rick went from a timid young boy to an animalistic sex fiend in an instant. Suddenly he grabbed Tina’s waist and stood up with her still firmly planted on his cock. He swung around and bent her over the side of the bed.

Tina squealed out in surprise as she wasn’t expecting to be manhandled by her son. Rick planted his hands on her shoulders to pin her down onto the bed as he pulled almost all the way out of her ass until only the head remained lodged in her ass.

He groaned as he power drove his cock into her ass with such force that he literally knocked the breath out of Tina. She had opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. She was in shock and could only lay there helpless as Rick railed her ass with his powerful strokes.

It sounded like gunshots as his body slapped her ass cheeks.


She had finally gotten her lungs filled with air and she screamed out in pleasure and pain as she felt herself getting even more aroused by the sudden change in her son. He was now a man taking what he wanted. No he was taking what belonged to him.

She knew from this point on she would be his fuck toy. He would be taking her instead of her taking him. She would be a willing cock slut for her son. She would not be able to deny him anything.


She instantly turned into a submissive fuck toy for her amazing son. She knew that he was going to take advantage of this situation and she was enthralled by the idea. She knew that he was going to push her limits but she didn’t care.

Rick soon grunted deeply as she felt his cock swell up and throb intensely as she felt every spurt of his hot cum splashing her bowels. It felt like he turned on a fire hose inside her.

After Rick had filled Tina’s ass with his incestuous seed, he collapsed onto her back and just laid there gasping for air. She didn’t even complain about her asshole burning like a wildfire. She was his whore mommy and she accepted her roll with everything that went with it.

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By AlabamaSlamma
#Incest #Pregnancy #Teen