A Families descent Part 8- A pleasant interlude for Ami Sex Story

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By Newmaster1

The youngest daughter enjoys her time as a slave

As Ami Is led down the row of cells, she steals furtive looks to both sides. In many of the cells there are women, and girls. All nude other than the collars and cuffs, some with coarse rope holding objects inside them, all with septum and nipples pierced with large rings. As they make their way down the row of cells, all of the nude slaves take the kneeling position she was taught in her first training session. She also notices many of them show the obvious marks of recent abuse, stripes from whipping, bruises and marks from harsh binding. She notices a couple bear the marks of extreme abuse, with major bruising in very tender areas, as well as burns and other assorted injuries. As she is led into her cell she sees a bowl of cold food, with a bowl of water beside it, and a bucket. As well there is an assortment of sex toys scattered around the cell, and bundles of rope and straps hanging from hooks on the walls. A thin mat covers nearly half of the cold stone floor, but there is no blanket or similar to cover herself. She also notices the camera, securely protected in one corner, overlooking the entire cell from above. As soon as she is in the cell, the man holding her leash, without a word, pushes her against the wall holding her by her long, shiny black hair and pulls the front of his pants down. Pushing her face into the wall the man steps behind her and forces himself into her aching cunt. Roughly forcing her into the rough stone wall her rapes her from behind, nearly lifting her of her feet with every thrust. After several minutes of violently using her young body, he pushes her hard against the wall and groans as he cums deep inside her burning, sore cunt. Immediately he uses her hair to turn her around, and pulling down says the only words he has spoken to her “Clean me, slave”. She drops quickly to her knees, and takes his cock, covered in cum, slime from her pussy, and blood from her very recent loss of her virginity to a violent rape in her mouth and slurps and licks until he steps away. He then removes her leash, and leaves her crying on her knees in her cell as he locks the door and walks back down the hall the way they came in. As she hears the door at the end of the hall slam, and loudly lock, The sobbing girl slumps to her side, and falls into a restless and uncomfortable sleep.
Ami awoke with a start at the sound of the door slamming at the end of the hall, cold, aching and disoriented. The un changing light made it impossible to know if she slept 20 minutes, or 4 hours. As the man reaches her cell, leading a girl no older than Ami on a leash, he looks down at the girl laying on her side in her cell. Smiling, he turns and forces the leashed slave into the cell and removes her lead. Immediately the teen slave drops to her knees facing the front of the cell with her head down. As he locked the cell and turned he softly spoke. “Your training has begun, you know the rule, and have broken it. You now will be punished for your stupidity”. As he unlocked the cell Ami forced her tired body into the position she was taught, on her knees with her legs spread wide.
“Stand” was all he said as he approached her. As she struggled to her feet the man pushed her roughly face first against the bars of the cell, and quickly un-cuffed her hands, locking them together through the bars, so high over her head she was forced to stretch on her toes to relieve the pain in her still aching arms. As the man uncoiled the whip hanging on his belt Ami looked at the young, naked girl kneeling fully displayed in the cell across from her. As the whip bit into Ami’s lower back, she pushed forward into the bars, screaming from the intense pain. Again the whip slashed, twice across her upper back, choking off her shrill scream while she thrashed in her bonds. Twice more, leaving two burning dark red stripes across her soft, shapely bottom. The man then stepped forward, undoing his pants and sleeping his semi hard cock partially into Ami’s sore, recently raped ass. As he slowly forces himself into the sobbing girl she feels him harden, and grow uncomfortably, stretching her abused hole. Grunting with each violent stroke, her helpless body being forced against the bars of the cage, Ami notices the young slave does not look up from the floor, so broken she does not even acknowledge the violent whipping and anal rape of the crying teen bound in front of her. After several long minutes Ami feels the man slam into her ass farther than before, crushing her Painfully against the bars as he pumps his hot cum into her aching young ass. He then relocks her hands behind her back, and says “Clean it”. Sobbing, Ami drops to her knees and sucks and licks the man’s filthy cock clean. Ami kneels, staring at the floor in front of her cell as he leaves her cell and locking the door securely walks back the way he came. Ami slowly rolls to her side, sobbing, as sleep takes her again.
Ami Awoke, sore, cold, hungry and thirsty. As she listened to the quiet noises of chains rustling softly, and the occasional sob or groan from the suffering girls imprisoned in this terrible place, she realized the latest humiliation. She needed to relieve herself, and was hungry and thirsty after her ordeals, and would have to do all, hands chained behind her back and in the unwavering view of the cameras. As she squatted over the provided bucket, the noise of water on the bare metal bottom made her hang her head in shame, feeling like an animal in a cage. She then knelt at the food and water, eating and drinking like a dog from the bowls, her heart breaking at the humiliation she was enduring. Laying back on her mat, she wished for sleep, but it would not come.
After an interminable length of time, Ami heard the door to this hall of cells opening, and struggled to her now familiar kneeling position, legs widely spread and eyes focused on a spot on the floor, not daring to look up. “183, stand facing the back wall, now.” the man said as she saw his feet stop in front of her cell. Struggling to her feet, Ami heard her cell unlocked and opened as she took the position she was told. Quickly her cell was opened, and a leash clipped to her collar. As the man squeezed and groped her bruised little tits, the man said ”time to get this animal cleaned and decorated to be pleasing to its owners” and led her by her leash out the door and down the hall of cells, most with a naked girl kneeling displayed while they walked past.
Soon they came to a large room, with a large tub of gently scented water and a young naked girl kneeling by the side. As Ami stared at the young, collared girl the man said “ this toy will clean you, and prepare you for your decoration as the slave you are. You may speak while it works “. he then removed her leash, and unclipped her hands from behind her back and sat in a comfortable chair next to the heavy wooden door. As the girl, even younger than Ami, took her hand and led her to the tub, she said “ I am 163, I am going to clean and prepare you. Please do as we must, or they will punish both of us. Please don’t make them hurt me any more.” Ami nodded as the girl softly caressed her soft bottom while they stepped into the pleasantly warm scented water.
As the young girl got Ami to sit in the Pleasant, scented water to wash her long hair, AmI asked quietly “How old are you? How long have you been here? What is your name?” “Three men came on my tenth birthday, they raped my mother and took me. I do not know how long it has been, or what happened to my mother. Here we have no names, only people have names. I am slave 168.” She soon finished Ami’s hair, and gently pulled her to her feet in the tub while she took soap and a cloth from the side of the tub and gently washed the silent teen. Soon she was focusing on Ami’s budding breasts, and gently stroking her tight slit while looking up unto her eyes, stepping close so their naked bodies pressed together, softly licking and sucking Ami’s tender nipples while slipping two fingers in her tight slit. Ami softly caressed her tight, pre teen bottom and caressed her smooth little back, moaning softly. She then led Ami out of the water, to a large bed with restraints fastened around the heavy frame, Guiding the teen to lay on the bed, with her legs spread wide, the young girl Laid on top of Ami, their naked bodies pressed together and began to Kiss her deeply, slowly working her way down Ami’s body with her lips and tongue caressing the moaning teens body. Soon the preteen girl was kneeling between Ami’s spread legs, licking and sucking her wet pussy and twitching asshole, her soft tongue driving deep into her aroused holes. As Ami was on the brink of orgasm, the girl stopped, and crawled so she was squatting over Ami’s face, her tight, hairless slit resting on Ami’s soft lips as she begins eating Ami’s wet cunt again, grinding on her lips with her moistening slit. Soon the room was full of the moans and gasps of the two young girls enthusiastically licking and sucking each other to the brink of cumming.
As Ami was on the edge again, the girl stopped, And rolled Ami over so she was on top of the naked nymph, and they began again, with Ami on top while licking the hairless cunt of the girl. As she again rose toward cumming on the soft lips and tongue, Ami felt the man’s hard cock press against the entrance to her wet pussy, and as the young girl licked, the man slowly slipped into her, pushing her face into the hairless preteen pussy while he began deeply fucking the teen. Soon the combined effects of the young girls tender lips and tongue, and the slow, deep stroking of the mans hard cock drives Ami again to the edge, and as she rocks her hips, moaning and pushing back onto the stimulation on her soaking wet pussy the man stops, and leaning over her says “beg to cum like the slut you are”. Ami, driven past thinking by the extended torment and afraid of being denied yet again immediately begins “please master, let this slave cum” she gasps out “please, this worthless slave begs, please let me cum for you master” the man starts quickly and roughly slamming into her tender slit, tearing a powerful orgasm from the girl as he pushes into her and groans with his own orgasm pumping into her soaking wet slit. As he pulls out and steps to her face to be cleaned of the slime dripping from his cock, Ami feels the preteen girl push her lips over Ami’s gaping cunt and lick and suck the combined juices from her wet, twitching cunt. Before taking the softening cock in her mouth, Ami says “Thank you master, for using this slave, and letting it cum”, hanging her head in shame. The man then points to the floor at the edge of the bath, and slave 168 quickly walks there and kneels, legs spread wide and head down.

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By Newmaster1
#Lesbian #PreTeen #Teen #Threesome