4 Girls on a adventurous trip part- 2 Sex Story

#BDSM #Blackmail #Teen #Virgin

By Jenny Josephine

This is a continuation of the story from
4 Girl’s on a adventurous trip part 1
This story is about 4 girls,
My self Jenny Josephine,

Continued from:
4 girl’s on a adventurous trip.

My self Jenny, Rukshana (roxy) Kavita left Stella’s house,

I kissed good night to Kavita then head to roxy’s house to drop her, I dropped Roxy off at her place, I hug tightly and kiss and at the same get emotional to what had said about me & Roxy.

I reached my home and rush to my bedroom, then relieve my self then hop on to my bed,thinking about facing my class teacher gopal sir, and what that devil is upto, I need to get some sleep,

Next morning,
I wake up early to be on time to the college,
I dashed to my bathroom, toss my nightgown, relieve myself, then brush, turn on the shower thinking about my day, will I be really going to loose my virginity to gopal sir, as my friend, love predictor Stella has predicted,
I look at my slim body touching my small 32 size breasts & fondling it, will it be devoured today, then ran my fingers on my virgin pussy, admiring my nude body, will it same or will it be pounded & devoured by gopal,

I turn off the shower, rush to my closet nude, I pick up towel and wipe myself clean, I then put on 32B size black colored bra and panties,
Then I get into red sweater and black jeans, pleat my hair, put a nylon band to make pony tail of my hair’s, put on a light makeup,
Then rush towards dining table, grab some sandwich and a glass of kiwi milkshake,  give a goodbye kiss to my mom, she loudly says to take care jen, goodbye honey,  come back soon,

I rush to my college, then to my class,  Stella gave a wink and said ready to impress gopal sir, hmm, I said nothing like that, don’t worry he will not spare you today, Roxy came to my rescue and told Stella to stop talking nonsense,
Kavita came and patted my back saying ready to be fucked, Roxy screamed you crazy sex starved bitch, can’t you and bitchy Stella keep quiet,

Stella shot back,  Roxy it maybe your special day as well,  my predictions are never wrong,
We rushed to our class,  gopal sir was waiting there for his students to arrive,
he winked at me, I ignored him, then he spoke, class I have a announcement to make,  everyone was curious to know what was he going to say, some students from Jamaica and Morocco have joined our college,  it’s a proud moment for all of us, so the Deen wants every students to assemble in the ground and welcome them,

I got the feeling, something is about to happen to me in the morning itself as the first period class is off,
I saw Stella smiling giving wicked looks at me and Roxy,

As the students began to leave the class,  even I got up to go, but gopal sir in his stern voice said, where are going Jenny,
I will take your special class now itself not in the evening, you meet on the top floor storage room,
I shot back why in the top floor storage room and not here,
I just got scared, I was not prepared for this so soon, I thought I has time till evening to think and handle this properly,

He replied there will lot of disturbance here because of the assembly and speeches from the teachers and the foreign students,

Stella came closer and wished good luck and told to take care of gopal sir, don’t disappoint him, hugged me and whispered say bye bye to your virginity one final time,
Roxy hugged me and cried as she is the only true and genuine friend I have got

don’t worry nothing will happen, he won’t do anything, I don’t believe this bitches,

Kavita chuckled get ready for a 7″ inches cock, now I was sure she has been fucked by this bastard gopal,

I looked at gopal sir, he ordered get going dear, or else I’ll submit my report to the Deen,  Stella was right,
I know he has blackmailed many girl’s and played with them, because some never completed their assignments, he would not say anything to them, be it Stella or Kavita,

So it was my turn, I thought for a while, that after this meeting, even I can be free to enjoy the college life with girl’s,

I made up my mind, put up a courageous face, now or never, it’s not a bad deal either,  it’s better to get popped up by gopal than a Street side romeo, I raced upstairs to storage room, after sometime gopal sir arrived, I will not address him by sir, I will just call gopal,

he closed the door, and came upto me, let me not waste on giving lectures, Stella must have told you everything,
I was shocked to hear that, I questioned how do you know that,

He politely said she’s my negotiator in this college, she advises me with whom I should be casual and lay my hands,
Who will succumb to my tactics and who may not,

If she gives green signal then I only I try or else I submit my report to the Deen.

Now I understand she took my name,
so that I can enjoy my college without any complaints to my parents,

Ok gopal I said,
What I should do to make you happy,
He was shocked to listen to my tone and me addressing him by just his name,

He Said you don’t have to do anything now,
I’ll let know when you have to do and what you have to do.

Now stay calm, saying that he came forward and grabbed me into his arms and hugged me tightly for a minute, saying you are very Pretty, very fair, very sexy, slim figure, just perfect for a man to crush,

He held me in his tight embrace for sometime, then planted a soft kiss on my red lips, this was my first kiss by a man,
Then began to suck my lips gradually,
I too responded to his kiss and began to suck his lips, he was overjoyed by this gesture, he was sucking my lips and forcing his lips into my mouth,
we were lip locked for sometime, then he began kissing my neck and at the same time fondled my small breasts from my sweaters, I squirmed to begin to moan,

he stepped back and lifted my sweaters and throw it on the chair, now I was standing there with red bra and jeans, he licked his lips wickedly, he then hugged me and straightaway unhooked my bra and tossed it on to the chair, I was half naked revealing my 32 size breasts to his lecherous eyes,

He began to fondle it slowly, kneading, caressing, pitching my red nipples,

I was moaning heavily, he then began to kiss my breasts, then sucked it, and then licking my nipples, I was moaning in joy,
he murmured I have never seen any girl like you in my life, you are a angel,
he kept sucking and began moving down to my navel area and kissed my belly button, I moaned softly, at the same he began to un button my black jeans, and pulled it down, feasting his eyes on my red panties and biting his lips, he said  you are very beautiful and you have fair and smooth skin,

he kept showering praises until my jeans was on my ankles, he lifted my legs removed the jeans, no I was almost naked with only on my red laced panties on,

He began to kiss my navel then planted kiss on my red panties covering my pussy as it was already wet, he began to lick my panties and murmured you taste very special, he placed his hand on my panties and rolled it down slowly, without taking his eyes off my pussy,
he whistled ohhh what a beautiful clean shaven pussy,

He began to sniff my pussy like a dog, then a kiss on my pussy, I moaned ahhhhhh,
He got up and lifted me into his arms, placed on the table,
He spread my legs to have a look at my clean shaven pussy, without wasting any time, he bought his lips to my pussy and began to lick, going from top to bottom of my Crack, he kept praising all the time, what sweet pussy I have got,

He began to suck it now harder, making me to squirm, I kept moaning crazily mumbling yes, yessss, ohhhh, he kept thrusting his tongue into my Crack,

My thighs began to harden, I knew I was close to my orgasm, within seconds I shuddered ahhhhhh, and came heavily,
i kept screaming yessss, he kept licking my cum very greedily,

He now got up and we are getting late,
He must have to hurry up, saying that he began to unbutton his shirt, then his trousers, I kept watching him,
he then slid his shorts, revealing his already very hard and erect black cock, wow it must be around 7″ in length and 1½” in width,

He told me get down on my knees,
I got down obediently, he told me to hold his cock, omg this is my first cock that I’m going to touch,
I bought my small hands and began to hold it, he then told me to jerk it, I did what I was told, he told me kiss it, as I bought lips and began to kiss it,
I can see his pre cum oozing out of his tiny hole,  he told me to lick it, I hesitated, he growled be fast, we don’t have all day to spend here,  someone may here as the assembly gets over soon,

I hesitantly bought my lips to the tiny hole of his cock, and lick his pre cum, it was salty,
He told me to open my mouth,  as I opened my mouth, he rammed his cock into my mouth forcefully, didn’t even gave time to recover,
he kept banging hard, after few more thrust he removed his cock from my mouth, told me to get on the table,

He then spread my legs and placed his erect cock on my pussy,
I told him to be slow and careful,
Suddenly he burst out shut up you bitch,
Don’t try to lecture me, already we are late,
Saying that he gave a huge thrust, I screamed ahhhhhh hhhhhh ooooo, he was half way into my tight little pussy, stretching it,
I screamed please stop, tears began to roll down from my eyes to my cheeks,

he stopped for a moment,  then grunted again and gave huge thrust, I screamed, you bastard,  you son of a bitch,
he had buried his 7″ into me, without even giving me time to recover,  he kept pounding my poor little pussy, I kept screaming and yelling,
With in seconds he pulled out his cock and began to spurt his load of cum on my navel area,  I was not even wet, leave alone me getting closer to the climax, I was completely shattered,

He hurriedly lunged forward and sat on my chest, crushing my small boobs, and placed his cock laced with blood stains on my lips and told me suck it cleanly, tears began to flow down as I opened my mouth and him clean,

This wa not I had anticipated, I thought he would satisfy me and he make me feel proud and a moment to cherish as it was my first ever sexual encounter, it was so disastrous beginning to my sex life,

He began to dress and at the same time saying me to get dressed soon and attend the assembly,
I got down the table pressing my hands on my groin because of the severe pain I am through right now, I saw blood stains oozing from pussy on to my thighs,

I was so angry at myself, to let this bastard to have it his way,
I cursed myself and began to get dressed,
I need to go to the washroom soon get my  cleaned,

I kept weeping as I  began to down the stairs,  I heard someone coming upstairs very fast,  I looked down the aisle to see who was coming upstairs,

When I saw my bestie, my darling Roxy coming up,
I cried Roxy,  she heard my voice and came running and held my hand and began to cry,  what happened to my sweetheart,

I yelled and cried,  cursed loudly that bastard used me very roughly and left me with severe pain, and left me unsatisfied,
Roxy hugged me and began to cry,
She uttered You shouldn’t have agreed and succumbed to his demands,

We began going down,
I asked what was going on downstairs,
Roxy began to sweat, I asked why is so tensed up, I was interrupted by a loud voice of Stella,

Roxy has got herself studs to devour her,
Both of us shot back at Stella,
I slapped Stella hard on her face,
You bitch you have ruined my life, by sending me to a jerk, and know you want to ruin roxy’s life as well,

She shot back listen I knew gopal was a jerk, he can’t satisfy any virgin girl or a tight pussy,

I myself even having so many men’s in my life, was left unsatisfied by that bastard, growled Stella,
I asked again what was fuss about the studs, Kavita came behind and told some students from Jamaica and Morocco have joined our college, 4 boy’s and 3 girl’s,

Stella told me to go to the washroom and clean myself, as I was stinking,

Roxy stared at her and accompanied me to the washroom, and helped me to get clean,
As we stepped out of the washroom,
Stella and Kavita came giggling,
Stella told honey get some rest here or go to your house,
I shot back, get lost, no need for your concern,
Ok honey as you wish, before I leave you with your milky white Roxy, won’t you be interested in meeting the studs and chicks from Jamaica and Morocco,

Roxy began to sweat,
I asked what happened sweetheart,
Stella interrupted saying you will know soon,
Stella led me to the lounge near deen’s office, there some big bullies standing,
I was shocked when I looked at their physique,
Stella began to introduce the girl’s first,
1 st girl introduced herself by saying,

Hey I’m laura, I looked up at her face, she stood atleast 6 feet, with such a figure,
What a figure,
I immediately muttered you are very big,
while glancing at her chest, she laughed loudly saying was this comment for me or my boobs,
I was shocked when I heard that,
She told her group that let’s introduce ourselves to this girl’s gang again by name and stats also,
I interrupted no need for that,

Stella shot back but I want to know,
Particularly about the studs,
Whenever Stella mentions studs, Roxy began to shiver,
I was alarmed by her strange behavior, what may have gone while I was not with her,
Come on let’s introduce ourselves again,
Laura came forward and introduced herself,

Hey there,
I’m laura, aged 20 years, Standing 6″1″
Stats 42-36-44
(She was dark black)
I was stunned and again began to inspect her body again forgetting the pain i received from that bastard gopal,

I heard laura whispering slowly on my ears,
Honey if you have doubts, I can arrange a strip show of our group for you and your friends, Roxy shot back no need for that, Stella interrupted saying I’m interested,

2nd girl came forward and introduced herself,
I’m Stephenie, 19 years old,
Standing just 5 feet,
Stats 26-22-28(flat chested)
(Wheatish in color)
She sheepishly Said I’m still a virgin,
She was so thin,petite and small,

3rd girl,
hey there,
I’m Roseanne,
I’m 22 years old,
Standing 5’10”
Stats 38-34-40
She was brownish.
I’m from morocco

Now boy’s come on introduce yourself,
Laura said harshly

1st boy
Hi babes,
I’m fayad,
Aged 20 years.
Brownish in color,
Standing 6’2″
Weighing 220 lbs(100 kgs)
Slowly he whispered I measure nearly 12″ if erect,
My eyes lit up, Roxy shuddered, but Stella and Kavita bit there lips,
I sheepishly Said wow you are sooo handsome,
to be honest he was very handsome, my heart skipped a beat when I looked at him again and again,
He winked and said thank you darlings,

2nd boy
Hi dolls,
I’m Richard,
Aged 19 years,
Standing 6′ feet,
Weighing 190 lbs(90kgs)
Winking at us muttered at us, I measure 10″
I just couldn’t believe all that,

3rd boy,
Yay, I’m Jermaine,
Aged 21 years,
Weighing 110 lbs( 95kgs)
Standing 6’1″
Measuring 9½” if erect,

Here comes our stud boy, laura flaunts while the biggest of the lot comes in front,

4 th boy,
Hey chick’s,
I’m Benjamin,
Aged 25 years,
Standing 6’4″
Weighing 260 lbs( 120 kgs)
Broad chested measuring 48″
I looked at him, he was like a hulk,
what a physique,

I was spell bound by hearing this and looked at him, at the same time Roxy was shivering again,
I asked her what happened darlings,
She murmured this guy met me in the morning and introduced himself,
Then what happened??
He whispered on my ears,
What did he say??

Stella interrupted and murmured, as I had predicted,
This guy lecherously came forward and whispered in Roxy’s ears, babe you are made for me, I came to pound your milky white pussy, AL the way from my country, I’ll devour you pretty soon,

I was shocked to hear that and confronted the hulk Benjamin,
What did you say to my bestie today morning,
Chill little girl,
Let me complete my intro, then you will get your answers, the size my pride is I measure 8″ when limp, & nearly 12 ” when erect,
I was shell shocked, but Roxy almost passed out hearing that,

I caught hold of her,  don’t you worry dear, we will ignore him from no onwards,

At the same time that jerk gopal passed, patting me on my buttocks,  every one saw this, Benjamin cracked, I think he has already laid you, I warned him that it is his first day in this college,

if I complain he will thrown out, he said go Ahead and complain, but he continued with his words, once you see mine, you will never want anything else, do you get it,
after that nobody can satisfy you,

I growled and took shivering Roxy to nearby bench near washroom, I cajoled her to relax, I said let’s play prank on fellow students, she said do whatever you want, I’m always going to be with you, saying that she kissed on my cheek,
I hugged her and looked around, no one was in sight,

I kissed on her pink lips, and told Roxy to follow me, we went to washroom entrance, I got a steel ruler from bag and began to remove sign board of girl’s washroom, then interchanged it boy’s washroom signboard,

Roxy screamed what the hell are you upto, come let’s sit there and have some fun, soon one boy entered girl’s washroom by seeing the boy’s sign board,  but I said let’s wait for the  some more boy’s to get into girl’s washroom, then the real fun begins, we were laughing hilariously, unaware that another boy had entered the girl’s washroom by seeing the boy’s signboard,

we heard grunting voices from girl’s washroom,  I jumped and screamed,
come on Roxy let’s go, and confront him,
i quickly changed the signboard’s  to it’s original place,then went looking, from were the noise came, the washroom was half opened, we slowly opened the door to see who the guy was,

what we saw was never in our wildest dreams,
Our jaws dropped as we saw Benjamin Standing there and holding semi erect cock in hand and peeing, he was not lying it was already 9″ in length and 2″ in thickness, i have never seen  something that big in reality, I wondered if it’s completely erect, what will be the size,we both screamed,

Roxy almost fainted, I slapped her and told run, but he came charging after us,
wait you bitches, I will show you more,  we ran as fast we could, but we were beaten in the race, he caught us, we screamed at him and said that he has entered girl’s washroom,

we are going to complain to the principle and have him thrown out of college,
I winked at Roxy saying good riddance 😉

But he calmly answered go ahead, I will accompany you to the principles office,
We were taken a back, I mustered courage and asked him what does that mean,

He took his mobile from his pocket to show that he has recorded everything, while we are changing the signboard’s,
Roxy started crying and tears rolling from her milky white cheeks,

Benjamin caught hold of my hand and dragged me out of the washroom area, and said come I will take you both to the principles office, I stumbled on my words, said I’m sorry,

I was responsible for this, please let Roxy go, I will do whatever you want, Stella and Kavita came to our rescue seeing the confrontation between me and Benjamin, and enquired what happened honey,

I began to weep on Stella’s shoulder, she asked me what the hell happened??

I explained the whole story, she was shocked, when she listened,
Stella mustered courage and spoke to Benjamin to short out the matter,
He winked at her saying I’m ready to short out the matter here itself, but this chick wants me to come with her to the principles office,

So what do you want from her Stella asked hesitantly,

He pointed his fingers next to my shoulders and said her, I turned my face to see who is behind me, poor little thing, it was my milky white bestie Roxy,
He said it will be the most memorable moment of his stay in India when gets to pop roxy’s cherry,
she was shell shocked to hear that,
I yelled at him no way you bastard,
Relax pussy girl your turn will also come very soon,
he then ordered after her Kavita for tomorrow, then Roxy again after a day rest to milky white girls pussy, because of the pounding she is going to receive from monstrous big boy, she may atleast need a day’s rest,
then big Stella, again Roxy,
then you slim girl Jenny, then Roxy for the rest of my stay here, till I make a tunnel in her pussy, so that she can never be satisfied by smaller cocks, he said you girl’s will also need big cock’s, but my friends will help you out,

Now get me a place quickly, or else I’m on my way to the principles office,
Stella was quick to interrupted and said she needs time to think about it,
He began to walk saying go to hell with your opinion,
I’m on my way to the principles office,
Stella pleaded wait, he stopped and said no more tricks big pussy girl,
Stella growled at him,
Stella whispered girl’s we are badly trapped in his web,
He has got proof to get us out of this college,
We will be able to complete our academics,
So we have no choice but to succumb to his lecherous desires,
I was as I am concerned I am ready to be his slave for the rest of life, murmured Stella,
It’s not a bad deal girl’s,

We won’t be getting this kind of men in our lives, it’s a opportunity which is knocking at our doors, I mean at our pussies, Stella giggled while saying that,
Stella loudly said,
that we all can go to her house,
Me Roxy and Kavita screamed at her,
What are you upto bitch,
She shot back, do you bitches have any other options, then tell that big fella,

He yelled, for the fucking last time, I’m asking you do you agree to my conditions or not??
Stella said yes, I’m not asking you big bitch,
I and Kavita nodded, Roxy was not in a position to answer, We convinced her this is best opportunity for her to laid by a stud,

We took Benjamin to Stella’s house,
Stella comforted Roxy saying you should feel proud that he has chosen you over us, not once but forever,
If I were in your place I would have been ready to be his bitch for the lifetime,

Girl’s let’s not waste anytime, leave us alone, said Benjamin harshly, but you can watch the pounding from the other room,

Saying that he lifted Roxy like a small child into his strong arms, before Roxy can react he placed his big lips on roxy’s tiny pink lips and began to kiss passionately,
Roxy tried to free herself from his steel grip but couldn’t succeed, he kept sucking her rosy lips, her small lips were no match for his big lips as he kept sucking it harder and harder, within a minute or so Roxy also began to respond back to his kisses, as it was too much for her to handle, steamy and hot kissing continued for a while,

that too Roxy clinging in his strong arms, he now stopped kissing the milky white beauty, and put her down as she stood trembling with kissing session she just received as she was so confused whether to blush or to be worried,

Stella has already removed her clothes and was standing only in her under garments, just to please Benjamin,
Stella moved forward and caught Roxy by her both hands and told her not to think to much,
She’s the luckiest girl to take a monstrous cock in her virgin pussy for the first time as we were not that lucky on our first time,

I and Kavita nodded sheepishly to her words and told her to enjoy, Stella winked and said the bigger the better for the first time, but it will be more painful than the the normal cock’s,  but satisfaction will be guaranteed,

As we were speaking Benjamin had already removed his shirt and jeans, he was standing there only in his trunk,
What a huge body he has,
what a huge thing he has down there,
Our jaws  dropped at the same time while we looked down,

He came forward and removed Roxy’s tops as she stood motionless, he then pulled down her leggings (jeans) as well,

he now stood up and began to inspect her milky white body In disbelief and asked are you really a indian or a outsider,

you are so white and very beautiful, I’m fascinated by your beauty, saying that he began to kiss Roxy’s lips again, to my surprise Roxy didn’t even hesitate and began to respond to his sucking,

now his big hands began to wander around roxy’s chest, while remaining in the lipslock, his hands reached the back to unhook the bra, still sucking her lips,
I’m sure Roxy is totally under his spell as she is unaware of her bra being removed as she is liplocked with Benjamin,
Now I’m sure that this guy is a pro who knows very well how to seduce a girl into his trap,

He now began to kiss her neck and slowly began to fondle her 34 size boobs by his big hands, Roxy was moaning heavily by saying ahhhhh oh yessss, she was now totally under his spell,

he now began to kiss her breasts one by one until he reached her pink nipples, he whistled when he saw her pink nipples and kissed it right away as Roxy moaned ahhhhhh hhhhhh ooooo, he now placed his big lips on her nipples and began to suck slowly,

Roxy screamed and clutched her legs tightly as Stella cried omg she’s already Cumming,
Stella was right her panties were so wet and her juices began to flow down her thighs, he was madly sucking and biting her delicate milky white rosy nipples as Roxy screamed please stop, you are hurting me, tears began to flow down her cheeks,

but this bastard was in mood to listen to her screams, as he sucked and bit her nipples, her boobs as we can see when he went to her right or left boob, there were teeth marks on her boobs,

I screamed you bastard stop biting her boobs, but one thing I have to say that she is screaming but she is not trying to stop him or push him away from her, means she’s enjoying it but in a harder way,

O God I myself has got wet by just watching this steamy sucking,  as I glanced to look around, but to my surprise Kavita was fingering herself from her jeans,
but Stella has her inner ware also she stood stark naked and running her fingers on her black pussy lips up and down and enjoying herself, I too started to insert my fingers on my already swollen pussy from the unsatisfied sex I had in the morning,

Now Benjamin began to lower his head to roxy’s navel area licking and biting every where until he reached her red panties, He now placed his hands on her red panties and rolled it down to her ankles and removed it,
he now began to sniff and inhale the  smell of her red panties covered with juices, he now carried Roxy’s nude body in his arms and walked towards the bed,
wow what a sight,  totally dark black stud, Benjamin carrying a milky white Roxy in his arms, what a combination as my mind went on to think, how this steamy fucking session will look when this black monstrous studs mounts milky white roxy’s body and pounds her milky white virgin pussy,

I shuddered and came heavily on hands just by fantasizing this scene,
I came to senses and looked at bed,
now Benjamin had placed Roxy on the bed and spread her legs revealing the milky white pussy with rosy lips on display,

Benjamin now stood up and was drooling and as his long tongue came out of his mouth, as he looked at the milky white pussy of Roxy and murmured what a priceless treasure, Roxy heard this closed her eyes and blushed, suddenly my eyes wandered towards Benjamin’s trunk,
As Benjamin began roll down his trunk,

I screamed what the hell is that,  my screams bought attention of Stella and Kavita as they looked at Benjamin, omg he was not lying at all, his monstrous, gigantic blackest cock was on the display, it measured almost 12″ in length and 2″ girth, when Roxy opened her eyes and got up from the bed to look, she faintly murmured Nooooooo, please stop here itself and let me go,

she began to climb down from the bed, Benjamin rushed forward, caught her and hugged her and began to convince her to relax, but she kept her eyes fixed at the gigantic tool, Benjamin told her that she can accommodate his tool in her pussy easily, I assure you that I will gentle, she started to cry by saying do you know the meaning of being gentle, she showed teeth marks all over body, I don’t believe you, Ok I will let’s have oral sex first, after you are fully satisfied then I will take your precious cherry, she agreed, omg how easily he has convinced her to this,

Benjamin told Roxy to lay back on the bed as he began to kiss her ankles, then her knees, but as soon as reached Roxy’s thighs he began to bite, she moaned ahhhhhh, please don’t bite, but he was in no mood to listen as he kept biting,
then he flipped her on her stomach and began to caress her beautiful buttocks,  he began to kiss and bite her back thighs till he reached her buttocks,
he sniffed her began to kiss her buttocks and bit her buttocks very hardly, she screamed ahhhhh hhhhhh ooooo, you are hurting me you bastard, to cool her he suddenly buried his head on her arse hole and began to lick,  Roxy screamed in joy, ooooo ahhhh yeeeeee, yesssss, he kept licking her puckered virgn asshole,

after sometime he flipped her on her back and kissed her already wet pussy, he now bought his big waging tongue and licked her Crack up and down, Roxy shuddered ahhhhhh hhhhhh ooooo, I am Cumming as she came heavily as Benjamin began to gulp every drop of her juices, he didn’t stop as he kept sucking and licking her pink pussy lips which as already turned red by his non stop sucking,
Roxy now screamed so loud I’m Cumming O God please don’t stop and she began to squirt as her pussy began to spray love juices directly on Benjamin’s face forcing him to close his eyes as she kept spraying her juices, we all were astonished, then she meekly murmured  O my God and shrank, Benjamin stopped and got up with face glowing from the spray of juices he received from roxy’s pussy,

now he climbed the bed and stood displaying his monstrous and gigantic cock, he ordered Roxy to kneel in front of him, she hesitantly stood up and knelt before him and began to look at his monstrous black big cock in total disbelief,

I was waiting for this to happen, I wanted to memorize this scene when Roxy kisses the tip of Benjamin’s monstrous cock for the first time, Benjamin politely told Roxy to hold his cock in her hand, she was so shell shocked as her hands trembled when she bought it to touch his gigantic cock for the first time in her life, his cock was way big for her hands, he told her to run her hands on his cock,

she did it slowly, now his precum was visible, he told her to kiss the head of his cock gently, omg I was fascinated as she caught hold of his monstrous cock and bought her lips towards the tip of cock and kissed it, wow what a sight, milky white Roxy kissing blackest cock,
his precum was visible on her pink lips as she began to kiss his cock slowly he began to moan, he now told her lick his pre cum,
She licked and closed her eyes sharply, I presume it may have been very salty,

He now told her open her mouth and suck the head of his monstrous cock, the head itself was around 2½” inches in length, she opened her mouth wider to take the tip of his monstrous cock, and began to suck, he moaned ohhhh, don’t stop by saying that he caught her by hair and thrust his massive cock in her mouth forcefully,
she chocked and coughed, as he had pushed at half of the length of his monstrous cock into her mouth and began to pound her mouth, O God what a devil is this bastard,

He kept pounding her mouth fir sometime, then stopped and slowly withdrew his gigantic cock from her mouth, as she coughed heavily, he know pushed her down to the bed, and began to suck her pussy again for a while,
then bought his fingers and began to probe the entrance of roxy’s virgin pussy, his fingers itself measured around 6″ like a average cock,
he slowly Penetrated the tight little virgin pussy as Roxy screamed, please stop it hurts, he kept thrusting it slowly, till she began to squirm her buttocks and began to moan, he now applied lube to his monstrous black cock, which had kept next to the bed when he came here,  he now spread roxy’s legs as far possible,

now he looked around and winked at us  gave thumbs up sign, stella murmured look at his physique and stamina, he will destroy her pussy very badly,
he now placed the tip of his monstrous and gigantic cock in the entrance of the small pink virgin pussy for the first time, wow blackest and gigantic cock kiss the pink lips of roxy’s pussy, what a sight,

Roxy was sweating in fear and anxiety, Benjamin mustered all his strength he got, as he growled and gave huge thrust,
Roxy shrieked and screamed loudly aaaaahhhhhhhh, hhhhhh, mummmyyy, Nooooooo, eeeeeee and passed out,
he had Penetrated her pink pussy and parked half of his monstrous and gigantic black cock into her, in a single attempt, Stella was right, this happened just because of his stamina and his powerful physique,
he was sweating profusely, his loads of sweat fell on the chest of now unconscious roxy, this bastard is a pro sex maniac,

he didn’t even bothered to look at Roxy’s condition, he grunted again and gave huge thrust saying come on my pride, show her my power,
we all screamed you bastard, please stop but he had already rammed his monstrous and gigantic cock all the way, only some part was visible, roxy came to her senses by sharp pain she was going through by the peneteration she received, she screamed mummmyyy,  aaaaaaa, ahhhhhh, noooooo as tears began to flow constantly from her eyes to her cheeks,

Benjamin clutched his arm in air and screamed I have conquered the treasure, we all rushed towards Roxy to console her, and not to cry as it is over, Benjamin laughed loudly and said do you think so, saying that he began to hump,
but he screamed and said she’s so tight, her vagina is peeling my cock’s skin, but didn’t stop as he kept humping because he couldn’t remove or push forward,
Roxy began to scream again, please stop you are tearing me, she pleaded but in vain as he began to pound her slowly in rhythm,

Stella growled you bastard please stop now as you already devoured her little pussy very badly, you can fuck her some other day, now please stop here itself, he told Stella to forward as she came he caught her naked boob and squeezed so hardly, Stella screamed nooooo,you bastard stop,

he told her to back off, he now began to grind her slowly, Stella again whispered, this bastard is waiting for Roxy to cum, so that her juices will coat his cock, then he pound her very badly, you girl’s just keep watching, but don’t worry,

she’s will enjoy it like there’s no tomorrow, she will forget all her pain, now Benjamin began to make slow progress in his goals, as we saw some smile on roxy’s face but still tears rolling down, she kept murmuring Nooooooo yesssss, we were confused what does that mean, she now clutched the bedsheet and began to turn head to her left and right, she faintly whispered, I mumm Cumming, yeee yesssss ahhhhh hhhhhh ooooo,

I think she has began to coat the juices on his gigantic cock, as he began pound her slowly, she kept screaming within seconds again, I’m Cumming, but this was the signal for this maniac, he now bought his huge body on roxy’s chest, she was breathless as he began to kiss her lips and sucked her nipples, bit her nipples roughly, she was enjoying this for a while,

but soon he lifted her legs and caught her buttocks in his big hands and began to pound her mercilessly, omg, what the hell is he doing, he began to remove half of his monstrous cock then shove it back again and again mercilessly,
Roxy began to scream ahhhhhh hhhhhh ooooo, but there was some naughtiness in her screams, soon the screams turned into yesssss ahhhhh hhhhhh yesssss, don’t stop, we all laughed loudly,

he was unstoppable, Stella whispered, wow what a stamina this guy has got, I have never seen anyone in my life with such stamina and brute force, he is a fucking machine, even after such a powerful pounding, he is yet cum, as far as roxy’s is concerned,
she may have cum or even squirted countless of times, one can say by the satisfaction she has on her face, she was all smiles despite the pain and pounding she is receiving,
he suddenly asked roxy when is her menstrual period, she was shocked and asked why, he said I want to cum inside you and feed your hungry pussy with my hot and thick fluid juices, she said it’s in another 2 or 3 days,

he said fine and began to pound her again vigorously, we all went near them to have closer look, omg his huge balls kept patting her ass Crack as he kept pounding her pussy,  he now began growl as he stiffened and began to scream, ahhhhh here I cum, Roxy also screamed as he began to shoot loads after loads of his cum into her badly bruised pussy,
we saw juices dripping out of her pussy on to the bedspread which was already had blood stains on it,
he slowly withdrew his monstrous and gigantic black cock from her badly devoured pussy, and began to shoot loads of cum on her stomach, boobs, then on her face, mouth and everywhere, Stella screamed what is this, how can anyone such a huge loads of cum,
I screamed when I saw the pussy of Roxy,
It was badly bruised blood stains oozing out from her pussy, it was so widely opened I could have inserted my hand into it at that time,

Stella murmured, this what I call a true fucking, Roxy is the luckiest girl of our group to have such monstrous and gigantic cock for her first sexual encounter, now I was getting jealous because my first experience was horrible,
Roxy was laying on the bed motionless but faintly smiling and blushing,
Benjamin ordered Stella to come forward, she hesitantly came forward, he told her kneel down lick his cock cleanly  she gleefully began to lick his cock clean.

To be continued…
I hope you guys enjoyed this narrative,

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